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About Us

Family run for generations

A second generation family-owned and run business, Tailford Meats has been providing delicious, high-quality meat produce to customers and businesses for over 40 years now. First established in Newbury, Berkshire in 1971, the Tailford family began their impressive journey supplying the local retail markets. Relocating to Scotland in 1980, the family’s success continued, becoming a household name in the local area and beyond. It was often commented upon that almost every family meal was a Tailford Meats meal! Since then the business has garnered a devoted following of customers, new and existing, who are drawn to the great taste of traditional, carefully prepared food as well as the friendly, face-to-face and knowledgeable service on offer.

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Spacious, Purpose-Built Premises

Meeting local and national demand

As the business’s growth and success continued to increase at a rapid pace, in 2012 the family moved its operations into a purpose built factory in Broxburn, West Lothian where they could take advantage of their new spacious location. Comprising a 200m2 production area, 50m2 of packing and prepare, 280m2 of refrigerated storage and a completely separate 100m2 cooking area for pie and pudding production with its own 25m2 packing area as well as 25m2 of refrigerated space. It is also where the new factory shop is located as well as plenty of spacious, easy access parking for visitors. It was a move which enabled the business to meet the impressive demand for its produce from the local area and beyond. Every product sold is freshly made and produced at the factory, taking advantage of its impressive size and resources. Helped by the new premises, fortunes have continued to get better and better for Tailford Meats to the extent they now deliver to a diverse number of locations throughout the whole of the UK.

Looking to the Future

Attracting the industry’s best

It is safe to say the Tailford Meats family expect fortunes to continue to improve at the same fantastic rate over the coming years. With a broad selection of fresh, carefully prepared food and knowledgeable, talented staff who know their food inside out, Tailford Meats are ready to embrace even greater success and popularity. Tradition and legacy are important to the Tailford family. Knowledge has been passed down through the generations from Tailford to Tailford to ensure the core ethos of how food is produced and prepared remains the same. It is not only family members however who have helped bring Tailford Meats to its current lofty heights. The renown and reputation of this once small family-owned business has drawn many of the best in the industry through its doors in recent years, bringing with them their own valuable knowledge and expertise. The result is a supplier of high-quality, fresh produce with a large and continually expanding scope of operations but also a local, family focus.

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